Zwilling’s Sleek New Coffee Maker Is Part of Their Extended Holiday Sale

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Reasons you should purchase this bad boy (besides it’s amazing sale price)? Let’s break it down. Designed with efficiency and quality in mind, the Enfinigy Drip Coffee Maker touts state-of-the-art features — including a precise (and consistent) brewing temperature, a powerful shower head, and a blooming function that releases carbon dioxide from the coffee grounds — that team up to create a truly pro-worthy cup of joe. The sleek glass carafe included with the machine has a 12-cup capacity, so you can make enough of the good stuff to share with your WFH-coworkers or roomies, too — and it’ll stay toasty all through your morning Zoom calls, thanks to the machine’s keep-warm function. You can even wake up to the smell of freshly brewed beans thanks to its timer function. I mean, is there any better way to start your day? (Answer: No, there is not.) 

Available in classic black or sleek silver, the Zwilling Enfinigy Drip Coffee Maker is definitely stylish enough to leave on your counter in between uses — but small enough to stash away in your cabinets if that’s more your style. If you really want to outfit your kitchen like a real coffee bar, you can snag other pieces in Zwilling’s coffee collection, like the coffee grinder and milk frother while they’re on sale, too!

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