You Could Be Dancing to Your Own Voice In the Club, Thanks to This DJ’s Clever Voicemail Scheme –

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What would you do if you were dancing in a club and—all of a sudden—you heard your own voice?

This could actually happen thanks to Dutch-Latvian electronic music artist ANNNA and her new solo project, Might Delete Later.

In May, the singer-songwriter and DJ posted her phone number on socials, allowing anyone to record a message which could then be used in one of her upcoming tracks. In just three hours, the inbox was full of messages that ranged from intimate to fun to not-so-appropriate.

Whether it was someone struggling to say the words “I love you” to their other half or someone who has had a hearing aid singe the age of 22, these voicemails and personal stories from random people demonstrated how our dreams, worries and experiences connect us all as humans, ANNNA said.

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