YK Osiris Reveals He Owed Drake $60K & Says He Cleared It By Performing ‘Worth It’ (Exclusive Details)

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 Oooohhhhweeeeeee! YK Osiris owed errybody money, including Drake.

A few days ago, a viral clip of YK Osiris and Lil Baby having a conversation about $5,000 that was owed had the social media streets talking. A couple of days later, it was brought to the innanet that he also owed Drake.

YK Osiris exclusively tells us that he owed Drake $60,000 because of a bet he lost during a basketball game. YK Osiris also said that the only way he could clear it was by singing.

Before he jumped up and ready to perform, he asked, “I ain’t got’ owe you no mo?  I ain’t got owe you no mo?” Drake replied and said, “Yo! You owe me 60 bands, or you have to perform the song right now in the crib. What are we talking about? I’m giving you an out. Drake continued, “I’m not Baby. I’m not Boosie. You don’t owe me no two racks or five racks. You owe me 60 bands. I’m playing the song right now. Are you ready?”

After that quick exchange and ensuring the debt would be clear after the performance, YK Osiris jumped up so fast from the chair and gave it his all in less than a minute, singing, “You just gotta be worth it.”

In the clip, Drake is joked out over this quick performance. The two are all laughs, and the debt seems to be settled. 

Shortly after, YK Osiris posted to his Instagram stories and spoke about the incident. He stated, “I ain’t gon’ lie, Drake. I really ain’t wanna give you that 60,000. You don’t even need that 60. That’s one car note.” 

Roomies, how are y’all letting folks clear debts with you?

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