Why This Hawkeye Villain Is “Surprised” to Be Back in the MCU

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This is an early Christmas present to all Marvel fans. 

Beloved baddie Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) is officially back in the MCU, thanks to a shocking reveal in Disney+‘s Hawkeye finale on Dec. 22. Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin, is a major villain from the since-cancelled Netflix series Daredevil. 

“I was so thrilled that Kevin [Feige] asked me to come in and do [the role again],” D’Onofrio exclusively told E! News. “It was very similar to when I was creating the character for Daredevil originally. It’s thrilling. I’m sure my reaction was very similar to how you would react if they asked you.” 

D’Onofrio knew how to immediately step back into the “shady dealings” as Fisk—albeit with a twist. 

“I do think that he’s in a different place than he was in Daredevil,” the former Law & Order: Criminal Intent actor explained. “It’s after the blip, and he’s not as rich and as powerful as he was going out of Daredevil, but it was obvious that during Hawkeye, you knew that he was on his way. That was fun to be able to kind of think of him in terms of being…I don’t want to say desperate, but in the mode of getting the city back, what he believes is his city.”  

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