Who Is Eduardo Franco, ‘Stranger Things’’ Argyle?

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Stranger Things is back in full swing, and you may have noticed a new face or two helping the gang try and save Hawkins the world. One such face would be Argyle, the pizza-parlor working, quintessential ’80s weed-head who has befriended Jonathan and is played by Eduardo Franco. At this point, you probably know every single thing about all the longtime Stranger Things stars from their net worths to their romantic relationships, so naturally, you probably have questions about the new guy. Like for starters, WTF is his wash day routine and what shampoo and conditioner does he use because holy hair! I aspire!

Have no fear, because I dug out my finest 🔎🔎🔎 to get all the necessary and relevant intel on just who Stranger Things‘s Eduardo Franco is. Dive in, bestie!

stranger things eduardo franco as argyle in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

Eduardo is from Arizona

Specifically Yuma, Arizona which is pretty close to the U.S.-Mexico border. For Eduardo, the location was convenient for visiting family who lived in Mexico, which his fam did often when Eduardo was young, according to Remezcla.

He’s pretty close with his parents

When Eduardo was 16 and just got his first job at a movie theatre, he initially wanted to use the money he earned to buy a car. Instead, he chose to help his parents pay bills. His parents have been extremely supportive of his acting pursuits, even if they weren’t able to financially support him like many of his peers’ parents, he explained to Remezcla. “When all you have is, and I mean it, just love and support—meaning getting a, ‘Hey mijo, I love you! Good luck out there!’—it’s far more rewarding,” he told the outlet.

His signature long hair kinda happened by accident

Growing up, Eduardo got his hair done by his aunt who owns a hair salon and lived in Mexico, according to Remezcla. Over time, it became increasingly more difficult to make the trip due to U.S. Customs. “Going into Mexico is awesome. I mean, the food is fantastic and I got to hang out with my cousins. And going in is a breeze,” he said. “But coming back into the U.S.? It’s a fucking bitch. U.S. Customs, I don’t know what the fuck their problem is. You sometimes wait in line one or two hours.”

Of course this led to his hair growing out, and now his long hair is his *thing*. Don’tcha just love when it all works out?

He’s been in a ton of other stuff

If Eduardo looks familiar to you, it’s with good reason. His acting credits range far and wide between both TV and movie roles. Before coming to Stranger Things, Eduardo was on two other Netflix originals: American Vandal, where he played Spencer Diaz in the first season, and the movie The Package, where he embodied the role of Jeremy. If those aren’t ringing any bells, then chances are you know him from Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart where he starred as Theo, a role that was written specifically for him.

Eduardo was also in Good Game, Idiotsitter, The Binge, Superintelligence, and We Broke Up, and he even starred in the Disney series Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything for two years. Kinda hard to believe he just got his start in 2015. Impressive!

He’s in a band

A legit two-man band, to be exact, called Dumb Bitches With Internet. Yep! TBH, it’s quite possibly the best band name ever. Apparently Eduardo and his bandmate “say fuck and shit a lot” and just released a three-song album called The Most Album Ever.

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He’s a cool nerd

And I mean that in the most wholesome of ways. Like, just scroll down the guy’s Instagram grid and you’ll see pics of action figures and superheroes, comic books, video games, and movie posters. The following pic pretty much sums up his entire energy:

And he is nothing if not consistent, because just look at Little Eduardo 🥺:

That’s what we know about Eduardo so far! We can’t wait to see how he takes off after starring as Argyle in Stranger Things!

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