WHIPPED CREAM’s New Single “CRY” to Appear On Rocket League, Paladins Video Games – EDM.com

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For WHIPPED CREAM, it’s always been about bangers. “Light of Mine”? Banger. “So Thick”? Banger. 

With a track record like this, it’s no surprise that her latest single, “CRY,” is also—well, you get it. A mind-bending fusion of midtempo, electronica and hyper-house, “CRY” is out now via Monstercat.

Kicking off with eerie chords and haunting vocals, “CRY” quickly sets the scene for a tale that twists and turns with tension. “You won’t hear me cry,” its lyrics chant. An eerie bassline slowly creeps under the surface until the track’s cathartic drop, akin to a pitch black soundscape with menacing sound design.

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