Where New York’s Most In-Demand Consultant Is Getting Her Pre-Met Gala Party Dress

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Sanchez doesn’t need an introduction to vintage, but this low-key Williamsburg wardrobe hub is perfect for her pre-Met Gala party options. Recently, she’s been inspired by the 1975 film Mahogany, starring Diana Ross. Set in the South Side of Chicago, the movie focuses on Ross’s character Tracy, who works at a glitzy department store and attends fashion design school at night. Throughout the film, we see plenty of nightlife shimmer, but also more low-key looks for the daytime scenes. “She has big dreams,” says Sanchez. “We have respect for our working girl with her American hustle from day to night. She has her denim and glam.” Sanchez also referenced ’70s New York City street portraits by Bruce Gilden and Jamal Shabazz, as well as pictures of her own mother from the ‘80s, to inform her outfit. “Tight denim with big hair, a low V-neck, and lots of jewelry,” she says.

Photo: Courtesy of Seymore Fleck

Sorbara takes all of this into account with her pulls for Sanchez. For one look, Sanchez tries on a pair of dark wash denim jeans and a V-neck Chanel vest. In it, she looks like a fast-talking ’70s New Yorker babe. While we all love this get-up, we are left craving some glamour. Next, Sanchez tries on a set of black dresses. There’s a long Halston black dress that opens up in the front. (“Maybe I’d wear this with some sort of pant?” wonders Sanchez.) But the real breathtaking one is a body-skimming black dress from Calvin Klein Collection that covers the entire body. “It’s a bit Bianca Jagger,” says Sanchez. It has that megawatt appeal while still being understated. The quality is impeccable and no tailoring is needed. The dress also makes Sanchez appreciate how her style has evolved. “I spent so much of my 20s being in rooms with all men. I wasn’t wearing the tightest or the lowest of everything. It was about competing in those spaces,” she says. “Now, I feel secure and I want to be amazing and glam.” That’s the power of a good dress.

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