What’s on Your Bucket List?

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Here’s a fun discussion for a random winter Tuesday: What’s on your bucket list? A few years ago, we discussed bucket list hobbies, but let’s expand that for today to bucket list items in general: dream travel destinations, personal achievements, events you want to attend, skills/languages you want to master, notable people you’d love to meet, and so on.

(Personally, I don’t think all bucket list items need to be Very Big Things — just experiences that you really don’t want to miss out on before you buy the proverbial farm.)

Here’s a few Qs to discuss, too: As you’ve gotten older and/or your priorities have changed, what have you taken off your bucket list? Has the pandemic influenced your bucket list at all? And the best question: What is something that WAS on your bucket list that you’ve accomplished?

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I’ll share my own bucket list:

  • Travel: Iceland (Northern Lights included!), Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Japan, British Columbia…
  • Other destinations: Mirbeau Inn & Spa, Unclaimed Baggage, 127 Yard Sale
  • Events: A concert at Red Rocks, Toronto International Film Festival, San Diego Comic Con
  • Be in the audience of a TV show (SNL or The Graham Norton Show would be fun…)
  • Skills: take voice lessons, learn cake decorating, learn to sew (I just got a free sewing machine!)

Kat shared a couple of newly added items from her bucket list: “I’d love to take a class on watercolor painting, and I’d love to take a screenwriting class eventually.” (Psst: Check out Kat’s Hobby Thursday post on novel-writing tips and her post from 10 years (!) ago on improving your writing.}

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Readers, do tell: What’s on your bucket list? How has your bucket list changed over the years?

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