What We Learned from a THC Wine Tasting

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Plus food pairings, health benefits, and how to avoid getting too high.

Cannabis is proving to be big business. Though still illegal at the federal level, the industry has made great strides towards legalization—19 states have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults, while 38 others now allow medical cannabis sales, and 13 have decriminalized cannabis use. This has led to an explosion in the industry, especially during the pandemic when states like California deemed cannabis businesses essential, resulting in a record $17.5 billion in sales across the U.S. in 2020.

With this Green Rush comes an abundance of innovation as brands seek to distinguish themselves from the age-old stoner trope and appeal to consumers who aren’t just looking to get high, but are interested in taking advantage of purported benefits that include everything from reduced anxiety to better sleep and pain management.

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