What to Watch This Weekend: ‘Stranger Things,’ a Volcanic Documentary, and a Cult Comedy Special

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If you’re looking for a (very) offbeat date-night film, look no further than the French documentary Fire of Love, which charts the fatal romance of a volcano-obsessed couple. “We so need a surprise this summer at the movies,” writes Vogue’s Taylor Antrim. “Well, Fire of Love is a surprise; a dazzling, seductive, nature-meets-romance documentary that cuts against the current grain for nonfiction films. This is not true-crime, not a deep dive into scandal, not a disposable pop-star autobiography—the three genres du jour. This 90-minute charmer, from the filmmaker Sara Dosa, is a gentle, deeply tasteful portrait of a French couple, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who were celebrity volcanologists in the 1970s and ’80s. Did you know volcanologists could be celebrities? Only in France.”

Fire of Love is in cinemas now.

Would It Kill You to Laugh?

John Early and Kate Berlant in Would It Kill You to Laugh?Courtesy of Peacock

A long-overdue hour-long comedy special from the comedians John Early and Kate Berlant landed on Peacock this week, offering an unmissable window into their very specific brand of off-the-wall comedy. “Early and Berlant have become cult idols for a certain contingent of very online millennials, both through the work they’ve done together—from their warped, Lynchian show business satire 555 for Vimeo, to their delightfully bonkers YouTube sketches—and the various projects they’ve pursued on the side, across film, TV, stand-up, podcasts, and everything in between,” writes Vogue’s Liam Hess. “But with the backing of A24 and Peacock on Would It Kill You to Laugh?, Early and Berlant were able to indulge their weirdest and most wonderful flights of fancy.”

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