What to Watch Once You’ve Finished ‘Yellowjackets’

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Decades before Lottie stared down a grizzly in the Canadian wilderness, the survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 were going head-to-head with mysterious polar bears on a Pacific island in Lost. Beyond the surface-level plot similarities, Lost provided a blueprint for Yellowjackets’s gripping dual timelines—using pre-crash flashbacks to reveal the history of its myriad characters. If Yellowjackets leaves you in doubt about whether the supernatural moments in the drama are real or imagined, though, Lost is loaded with overtly fantastical happenings from the get-go, from The Monster to The Others. This is addictive Noughties television at its best.

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The Craft

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection

Released the year that the Yellowjackets disappeared from society, The Craft revels in the power of a teenage coven, who initially use their magic to go blonde, cast love spells, and play Light as a Feather during sleepovers. Soon, though, the girls’ focus turns to the dark arts—leading to a candlelit séance that goes horribly wrong (“Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the east…”), and a rupture within the group. You can imagine Jackie taking inspiration from the “Invoking the Spirit” scene when she calls the other Yellowjackets into the attic to commune with the ghost of the dead pilot, and Nat going crazy for Nancy Downs’s choker- and leather-filled wardrobe.

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