WGA Lifts Do-Not-Work Order For Constantin Film After Settling Dispute – Deadline

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The WGA has lifted its ban on members working for Constantin Film Development, the powerhouse German production company behind such films as the Resident Evil franchise, Downfall and The Baader Meinhof Complex.

The guild issued the do-not-work order in October because of the company’s “refusal to pay residuals for most foreign reuse,” and for not making pension and health contributions for some writers.

In lifting the order, WGA West leaders told their members on Friday that “Constantin has reached an agreement with the Guild regarding the payment of foreign residuals and pension and health contributions. The parties have also settled the pending arbitration claim, which will result in the company paying $1.1 million in residuals due to writers. Therefore, effective immediately, Constantin is once again a WGA signatory company and WGA members can perform writing services for it.”

In their message, WGA West president Meredith Stiehm, vice president Michele Mulroney and secretary-treasurer Betsy Thomas said: “All writers owe a debt of gratitude to the WGA members who stopped writing for Constantin upon the issuance of the October 29 Working Rule 8 order. Constantin abandoned its attempt to undercut writers’ standards and conditions because of its need for WGA writers now and in the future.”

The guild’s Working Rule 8 says that “no member shall accept employment with, nor option or sell literary material to, any person, firm or corporation who is not signatory to the applicable Minimum Basic Agreements.”

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