Unique Wedding & Engagement Rings For Nerds & Geeks

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Explore the best unique geek wedding rings and engagement rings for nerds. You’ll find here unique wedding rings and engagement rings inspired by Zelda, fantasy, anime, science, nature, and even nerdy Star Wars wedding rings and unique engagement rings for gamers.

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Unique Wedding & Engagement Rings for Nerds & Geeks

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Looking for unique engagement rings for nerds? You’re at the right place. We collected some of the most beautiful nerd wedding rings and geeky engagement rings you can personalize further to make them even more special.

You’ll find here fantasy engagement rings, anime-inspired rings, lord of the rings inspired engagement rings, and gamer rings like D&D engagement rings. However, you’ll find here other unique rings like moon-inspired engagement rings and even meteorite rings.

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You’ll find here all kinds of unique nerdy wedding rings for gamers, goths, steampunk, and fantasy lovers. No matter what you love to geek out about you’ll find here a ring that’ll fit your taste and budget.

There is a fine selection of nerdy engagement rings inspired by some of the most popular fandoms like Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, and of course the most epic games. No matter if you like modern, eclectic, or antique design you can find an elegant geeky engagement ring you’ll be happy to wear till death do you part.

How much does the average person spend on an engagement ring?

Traditionally an average couple spends about $3,000 – $4,000 on engagement rings while the average engagement ring diamond is usually between 1.08 and 1.2 carats. The general rule is that people should spend at least 2 months’ salary on the engagement ring.

However, the majority of Gen Z-ers and Millenials are spending much less, around $100 – $3,000 on engagement rings.

So, it’s pretty much shifting towards whatever you find acceptable. There is not one rule you must follow. You should choose the ring that makes you all happy, mushy, and warm inside, nothing else matters.

If you found a ring that’s out of your budget you should consider contacting the jewelry makers and ask for some changes. You can always go for a smaller or different rock. For example. instead of a diamond choose a cheaper but still beautiful rock which is usually the most expensive part of every engagement ring. This way you can get the design you desire on your budget.

Is an engagement ring the same as a wedding ring?

No, you give the engagement ring (usually with the diamond or other rock(s) in the middle of the ring) when you propose. While the wedding rings (usually more simple circle design) are exchanged at the wedding ceremony.


Nerdy Engagement Ring box

An important accessory for the perfect wizarding world-themed proposal is a fitting ring box. If you have your Harry Potter engagement rings or other geeky rings, then this box would be a great fit to further enhance the magical vibe with very little effort.

If your soon-to-be bride or groom loved Niffler in Fantastic Beasts, they are definitely going to appreciate this stylish box. Later it can serve as a jewelry holder or decoration at home. You can find stunning handmade engagement ring boxes on Etsy for all budgets and in all kinds of styles.

41| Twig and Leaf Fantasy Engagement Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $1,780

If you’re looking for a delicate, nature and fantasy-inspired ring you should check out this beautiful engagement ring. It’s one of the most beloved and unique designs that express the love and connection between two people.

You can completely personalize this ring and choose different diamonds or go with a different rock. Or you can make the ring’s size bigger or smaller depending on your budget and taste.

40| Gothic Cosmos Moon Engagement Ring Set For Nerds

Buy It Here From $695

This beguiling Gothic Cosmos Moon engagement ring is one of the most beautiful moon inspired engagement rings you can find on a budget. This ring is made to order and you can fully personalize this ring and request any stone or diamond you like. You don’t have to worry either because the makers only use conflict-free stones and recycled metals.

This beguiling and unique moon inspired ring is one of the best goth engagement rings you can buy on a budget.

39| Unique Emerald Celtic Engagement Ring For Nerds

Buy It Here From $3,043.50

If you’re looking for stunning handmade and unique fantasy engagement rings you can personalize then you might have just found the perfect ring. You can change the main stone to whatever stone you’d like and personalize the ring even further as you see fit. The makers use 100% pure recycled Gold and all-natural Gems and natural Diamonds they use are conflict-free.

38| Moonlight – Natural Ruby and White Diamond Bat and Skull Goth Engagement Ring

Buy It Here From $3,028

This unique engagement ring is perfect for goths and anyone who loves dark designs. You can easily personalize this ring as well as choose from various diamonds and rubies. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind goth engagement rings you should check out their rings because they have hundreds of special designs you can personalize further.

37| Scandinavian 14K Black Gold Rubies Dragon Goth Engagement Ring

Buy It Here From $3,249

Looking for excellent fantasy engagement rings or goth engagement rings? This breathtaking and unique engagement ring will surely wow your partner. The ring has a nice blend of modern and antique design that can be personalized and you can choose from many variations and stones.

36| MOON SQUAD – Unique Anime Engagement Rings

Buy It Here From $1,595

This beautiful and unique anime engagement ring is made to order and you can easily personalize it too. You can also choose your favorite gemstone combination to celebrate your favorite Sailor Moon character. This beauty will also come ready to be presented in a beautiful ring box.

It’s not only a stunning anime engagement ring but also one of the most unique anime gifts for avid Sailor Moon fans.

35| Galaxy Diamond Lunar Unique engagement Rings For Geeks

Buy It Here From $3,075

This unique Selene Moon Phase Goddess Engagement Ring set is an excellent choice for geeks who are into astronomy and/or Greek mythology. The ring is inspired by Selene, who was a Titan goddess in Greek mythology. She was the goddess of the moon who drives her moon chariot across the heavens every night.

This beguiling geeky engagement ring will be made to order with your choice of center stone and you can personalize it as you wish. If you’re not sure about the diamond you can check out their other beautiful engagement rings such as their Full Moon Moonstone Engagement Ring set as well. Gary Swank rings are a family-owned and operated business based in Portland, OR since 1973 and they only use conflict-free stones and recycled metals.

34| Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring For Nerds

Buy It Here From $4,289.39

This stunning unique hexagon salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is a perfect choice for nerdy people who love unique designs and eclectic forms. It’s a beautiful alternative modern engagement ring and all of the diamonds are also conflict-free. You’ll receive this lovely nerd engagement ring in a beautifully packaged vintage-style velvet ring box. They also welcome custom orders, so, if you want to personalize it you’ll have no problem doing so.

33| Moons Tear Unique Engagement ring for gamers

Buy It Here From $210

Are you looking for Zelda engagement rings to propose? This beauty would impress every lady without a doubt, even if they are not Zelda fans. This intricate piece is impressively designed and the Moon’s Tear in the center will definitely make her say yes.

You can make your other half fall in love with you again by surprising her with this magical ring. We are sure it would be difficult to find better engagement rings for gamers.

32| Zelda Unique Wedding Rings for gamers

Buy It Here From $173.10

Once you proposed with the beautiful Zelda engagement ring, your wedding has to be special too. With these neat yet impressively stylish Zelda gamer wedding rings, you can create truly special wedding memories.

You can get these for $173 as there are days when you can catch a 50% discount. There is no doubt if you would like unique handmade wedding rings for geeks, these ones are superb choices for you.

31| D&D, Dungeons and Dragons Engagement Ring For Geeks

Buy It Here From $245

Was your love forged in the dark and menacing dungeons of a fantasy world? Then there are no better Dungeons and Dragons engagement rings for geeks than this magical piece. Actually, the eye-catching piece is also among the best engagement rings for Game of Thrones fans as well. Even if your other half simply loves dragons, you cannot go wrong with this lovely ring.

You can order it on Etsy for around $245. We think it is one of the most beautiful gamer engagement rings you can find.

30| Puella Magi Madoka Magica Superhero engagement Rings for Anime Lovers

Buy It Here From $175

Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans are definitely going to say yes without blinking if you propose with this magical ring. We love these anime engagement rings because they are fairly simple, yet unique. You can choose the type of stone and add further personalization by having your loved one’s name engraved in runes.

These beauties start at $175 and prices vary if you want to personalize. They are great geek engagement rings for magic lovers in general. However, this beautiful anime ring can also make one of the best birthday or Christmas anime gifts.

29| Lord of the rings wedding rings with Elvish Script for geeks

Buy It Here From $207.99

If you are looking for stylish and comfortable Lord of the Rings wedding rings then you are going to love this fantastic set. You can order matching Elvish-engraved geeky wedding rings starting at $207. Even if you are not planning to have a Lord of the Rings themed wedding, you can always have a piece of your favorite books and movies with you.

The manufacturer also has some really great ring boxes, so feel free to take a look around and get a customized one with your nerdy rings.

28| Prevail – Star Wars Inspired Unique engagement ring for geeks

Buy It Here From $478

You couldn’t find fancier Star Wars engagement rings than this one. The proposal is guaranteed to be successful if you put this ring on your better half’s finger. There is no doubt, it is among the most sophisticated engagement rings for nerds.

You can order sterling silver rings starting at $478 but prices vary if you prefer gold or white gold. Who wouldn’t love this magical nerdy engagement ring with a Star Wars twist?

27| Titanium Band – Unique Wedding Ring For Gamers

Buy It Here From $375

Fortunately, nowadays everyone can have a piece of their favorite game, movie, or book. Thanks to Boonerings you can order one of the coolest gamer rings out there. If your soon-to-be loves Halo, you ought to consider this simple, yet stylish nerdy wedding ring.

We were extremely happy we found this one when looking for wedding rings for gamers. The titanium band has our planet engraved on the inside, which looks really great. This stunning gamer wedding ring starts at $375 and you can personalize the ring further.

26| Star Wars Jedi Order Inspired Matching Unique Wedding Rings for Geeks

Buy It Here From $885

Here are another superb pair of Star Wars engagement rings. The design is incredibly neat, which will definitely appeal to both of the lovebirds. You might also love them if you are looking for steampunk wedding rings if you like simple, yet beautiful rings.

The sterling silver set starts at $885 and you can order white gold, platinum, or palladium rings as well. We think these are among the most beautiful geek wedding rings you can find online.

25| Rebel Alliance Star Wars Inspired Engagement Ring For Geeks

Buy It Here From $1560

Fortunately, your options are not too limited when it comes to finding high-quality Star Wars engagement rings. This rebel alliance-inspired piece would actually be a great piece even if your loved one is not a huge Star Wars fan, because it looks simply breathtaking.

The 10K white gold ring starts at $1560 and depending on the mass, you can get a ring for nearly twice as much. We think you are going to love this amazing jewelry if you are looking for unique geeky rings.

24| Princess Peach and Mario Unique Wedding Ring For Gamers & Geeks

Buy It Here From $151.99

If your love was inspired by the captivating romance of Princess Peach and Super Mario, you can seal the deal with a ring that reminds you of them. These fantastic rings for gamers can be ordered in various colors, therefore you are definitely going to find something of your liking.

The engraved Super Mario wedding rings cost around $152. There is no doubt, this is one of the best nerd wedding rings for video gamers.

23| Engraved Starter Pokemon Wedding rings for Geeks

Buy It Here From $123.99

Do you and your partner adore pokemon? Well, who doesn’t? Those creatures have captivated most of our hearts and many people wish to have a little reminder of them at all times. Fortunately, you can purchase superb pokemon engagement rings, which could be just as well used as wedding rings for nerds.

The ring starts at $123 and they come in four different colors. Would you like multiple pokemon or only your favorite to be engraved?

22| Programmer Unique Wedding Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $139.99

Are you about to marry a real nerd, or are you both maths nerds? Then you cannot be in a better place. These nerdy wedding rings are great for cyberpunk lovers as well. Pick your favorite colors and then you are all set. We love this ring because they are great for nerds of all sorts such as scientists, programmers, and many more nerdy humans. The price starts at $140 and it is definite, that both of you are going to love wearing them till death do you part.

21| Zelda Unique engagement ring for gamers & geeks

Buy It Here From $438.75

Another magnificent piece that should be on top of every list of gamer engagement rings. Out of the Zelda engagement rings we found so far, this is certainly one of the most beautiful and affordable ones. You can order this outstanding ring for $438. They come in either white, rose, or yellow gold.

Probably not just Zelda fans will adore this ring, but gamers are certainly going to appreciate it. You can rest assured and start planning your wedding because upon showing this ring, no one would say anything but YES.

20| Elvish Unique Wedding Ring Set For Geeks

Buy It Here From $1,628

This is without a doubt is among the most remarkable nerd engagement rings for fantasy lovers. Every bit is fascinating on this ring and probably everyone would admire all the little details. Naturally, if your better half just loves art nouveau, then you can rest assured about your proposal.

We also think it should definitely be among the most admirable Lord Of The Rings engagement rings as well. All Elves would wish to be proposed to with such a beauty. It starts at $1,628 and prices go up as the mass of the white gold.

19| Silver Dragon Unique Engagement Ring For Nerds

Buy It Here From $699

We feel spoiled by all these fascinating pieces and this silver dragon ring is definitely one to make your heart skip a beat. You can pop the question within a few days once you hit “order” and it only costs $699.

It is a great choice if you are looking for Game of Thrones engagement rings. In case you are after beautiful D&D gamer engagement rings for nerds, this would certainly be a success.

18| Fun Pac Man Engagement Ring for Gamers

Buy It Here From $74.70

True gamers might not want rings with gems or stones, but something really fun. These Pac Man rings are great for engagements or weddings alike if you are both those kids at heart, who used to try to get away from the ghost.

We might as well have an idea for your honeymoon, setting out to visit the coolest arcade game museums around the world sounds like a great idea. These simple, yet truly fun geek rings will make your soon-to-be smile and cry tears of joy for sure and it costs only $85.

17| Pokemon Wedding Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $165

Sometimes the simpler the better and if your fiancé is a die-hard Pokemon fan, you are definitely going to love this ring. Are you trying to find suitable nerdy wedding rings for Pokemon lovers? You are in luck because this cool silver ring is a superb piece.

We think unique handmade wedding rings for geeks are the best ways to express true love and this Pokemon ring says more than a thousand words. For only $165 you can get this engraved silver Pokemon wedding ring.

16| Serotonin and Dopamine Unique wedding rings for Nerds

Buy It Here From $147,60

What induces high serotonin? Chocolate, sport, or laughter? Of course, all of them are great, but most lovers say they cannot be happier, so we think love is the best answer. Express how happy your other half makes you by surprising them with this cute serotonin formula ring.

You couldn’t find better engagement rings for geeks. Naturally, we find this superb nerd wedding rings too. It starts at $164 and comes in various materials, including black rhodium.

15| Unique DNA Strand Unique Wedding Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $2,949

Good news, biology and chemistry enthusiasts can get something truly remarkable that will make the happiest moments even more beautiful. These wedding rings for nerds are going to fascinate everyone at the wedding. The avant-garde DNA rings are filled with beautiful gems and are made of white, yellow, or rose gold. It starts at $2,949 and prices go up depending on the gold’s mass.

Would you like to pop the question with one of these rings? They couldn’t be better nerd engagement rings, that is for sure.

14| Diamond & Meteorite Engagement Rings for Nerds

Buy It Here From $3,625

Some of the best geek engagement rings are somehow connected to space. This breathtaking beauty is perfect for many reasons. Besides the mesmerizing design and the imposing diamond, the ring is inlaid with meteorite pieces. We have some recommendations if you are looking for gifts for space nerds, in case you would like to surprise your love with a little something upon the proposal.

A beautiful meteorite ring is one of the most remarkable engagement rings for nerds who love space.

13| Alexandrite & Meteorite Unique Engagement Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $1,805

In case you would prefer a different stone in the previous art deco beauty, there is another amazing meteorite inlaid ring. This one comes with an elegant purple Alexandrite gemstone.

The price is also lower, you can order it for $1805. If your better half loves geeky rings that are also going to amaze everyone in the room, you can sweep them off their feet with this unique jewelry. A lovely meteorite ring is also one of the most fantastic astronomy gifts for space lovers.

12| Alexandrite with Meteorite & Dinosaur Bone Engagement Rings For nerds

Buy It Here From $3,679

Most space lovers would be hypnotized by this magical piece of art. Without a question, this brutalist jewelry is among the most stylish geeky engagement rings for space nerds. Although, we are certainly not the only space fans who would say yes when they are proposed to with this ring.

We love unique handmade engagement rings for geeks and this is surely going to be a winner in any competition. The Alexandrite gemmed, meteorite inlaid gold ring starts at the price of $3,679.

11| Steampunk Engagement Rings for Geeks

Buy It Here From $1,750

Show your love that they are the most important cog in your life with one of the classiest steampunk engagement rings. We are sure all steampunk nerds are going to be wowed by this ring. You can choose the material and gold mass, depending on your budget.

These geeky engagement rings start at $1,750. If you want to create a unique steampunk-themed wedding, we also have some recommendations for cool steampunk gifts.

10| Tree of Gondor – Lord Of The Rings Wedding Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $119

We love simplicity because sometimes less is more and this neat elvish ring is certainly a great example of that. You can order it in various colors for only $120 to impress your fiancé. This elvish band is among the best Lord of the Rings wedding rings for fans who love the forest folk.

In case you would prefer a different font, you can order it personalized, however, the best is definitely the original.

9| Black Meteorite Wedding Rings For nerds

Buy It Here From $720

These black nerdy wedding rings are most certainly going to be a favorite in gamer and fantasy circles. Have you met on a classic D&D game night or a Magic the Gathering tournament? Then these are definitely going to be the ones for you.

Also, if you are both into meteorites, these rings look just like something from outer space. The magical pair of geeky wedding rings come for only $720 and a wooden ring box is included in your order.

8| Gold Lord of the rings Wedding Rings For Geeks

Buy It Here From $750

These Lord of the Rings wedding rings are simple, but perfect for a geeky couple. You can order the pair in all the gold colors, yellow, white, and rose for $750. We find these the most suitable geeky wedding rings for her and him who would love to wear the iconic rings from Tolkien’s masterpiece.

Without a doubt, both lovers are going to be extremely happy with these fantastic golden rings.

7| Celtic Fox Unique Wedding Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $215

One of the most beautiful anime rings is this Nine-Tailed Fox anime-inspired wedding band. We are certain all anime geeks are going to love this on their ring finger. The intricate silver sterling ring is also great for those who love Celtic designs, however, we definitely recommend it to fans of the Kitsune anime.

If you are looking for nerdy wedding rings for anime lovers, you are certainly going to be happy with this majestic ring.

6| Prism – Gold Sailor Moon Engagement Ring For Anime Lovers

Buy It Here From $1,086

If you are looking for truly breathtaking anime engagement rings, then you should definitely take a look at this beauty. Even if someone is not a Sailor Moon fan they would fall in love with this amazing piece, but if they know what the Crisis Brooch is, your partner will definitely say yes.

We are convinced that this Sailor Moon engagement ring is among the most astonishing geeky engagement rings you can find. There are multiple options to the ring’s gold and it starts at $1,086.

5| Blade – Gold Inspired Kingdom Hearts Unique Wedding Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $1,399

Are you in search of truly stunning engagement rings for gamers? This Kingdom Hearts inspired ring is certainly a great choice. You can order it in various combinations to ensure it really matches your other half’s taste. It starts at $1,399 and there are some really fantastic combos when it comes to colors.

Besides the gold, you can request the stone to be matched with your gamer love’s favorite color. If you are not sure which are the best rings for gamers, probably you cannot go wrong with this one.

4| Deathly Hallow – Harry Potter Engagement Ring For Geeks

Buy It Here From $107.10

We are delighted to see there are quite a few tasteful Harry Potter engagement rings that will certainly seal the deal. This Deathly Hallows Harry Potter ring can be personalized and the materials can be chosen as well. It starts at a friendly price of $126.

Order it in sterling silver or gold with lab diamond or moissanite. We are sure all Harry Potter geek is going to fall in love with the ring and start planning the wedding.

3| STAR TREK Galaxy Wedding and Engagement Rings For Nerds

Buy It Here From $120.25

What would make your wedding even more exciting and memorable? If you are Trekkies to the bone, then this Star Trek wedding ring set is a great addition without a doubt.

The Tungsten rings can be personalized by engraving, get the famous logo, or maybe Vulkan words engraved in the rings to seal your love. The wedding ring set costs only $120 so you can go big on other aspects of the wedding.

2| Claddagh Ring – Unique Engagement Rings For Geeks


Buy It Here From $3,280

The Claddagh ring is an interesting Irish traditional wear, which indicates if the wearer is single or in a relationship. Therefore, it is important to make sure the crown is facing inward, otherwise, you might have to worry about competition.

In case your love is into myths, they will certainly appreciate this lovely ring, however, Buffy fans are going to be truly fond of this beautiful and unique engagement ring for nerds and geeks. You might recall that Angel gave one to the Slayer showing his love for her.

1| Celtic Unique Engagement Rings For nerds

Buy It Here From $1,541

Does your better half adore fantasy and Celtic history? In this case, there are no better geeky rings than this set. You can propose with the marvelous nerdy engagement ring and then pull the wedding band on your love’s finger at the wedding.

The two complement each other perfectly and they are both perfectly beautiful. The gold ring starts at $1,541 and prices vary depending on the diamond size. We are sure you cannot find more beautiful engagement rings for nerds who love fantasy books and movies.


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