TV series show: The rise and fall of Diego Maradona

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He was a legend both on and off the pitch. Diego Maradona’s life has now been dramatised by Amazon, a year after the footballer’s death. Alison Sargent tells us why the socio-political context in Argentina provides a compelling backdrop to the highs and lows of Maradona’s eventful life.

We also discuss “Dopesick”‘s handling of the opioid crisis in the United States, as the series aims to put big pharma in the dock by telling the true stories of addiction and destruction that their drugs have caused.

Meanwhile, Margaret Qualley steals the show in the Netflix blockbuster “Maid”; we talk about the series’ portrayal of the poverty cycle that entraps so many people in underpaid employment.

Plus, we get a dose of fantasy and escapism thanks to “Wheel of Time”.

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