TV Relationships That Happened Because Of Actors Chemistry

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Madelaine and Vanessa actually became friends before Vanessa was cast on Riverdale, so they already had a great dynamic together. As soon as fans found out, they started hoping Cheryl and Toni could become a couple. In fact, Madelaine sent a comment to creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa that read, “Vanessa and Madelaine are best friends in real life. Like, it’d be crazy if they, you know, got together on the show.” Roberto responded with, “Lady, you never know,” and it eventually became a reality. Talking about Vanessa joining the cast, Madelaine said, “I think the minute that [Roberto] put her on the show he knew — he decided what Cheryl’s sexuality would be. I had been really pushing for it. He had been pushing for it. So, from the minute she came on, we both knew that it was happening.”

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