Turnstile, Harry Styles and Interpol

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Last month Baltimore hardcore outfit Turnstile released the music video for ‘New Heart Design’. Taken from their glorious 2021 album ‘Glow On’, it came alongside an announcement of their autumn tour, a string of dates that’ll see them supported by JPEGMAFIA and Snail Mail. A live force to be reckoned with, they’re sure to be phenomenal shows; and we’ve added the live band of the summer’s latest tune to the NME Radio A List.



Taken from the genre-blending band’s stellar 2021 record ‘Glow On’, ‘New Heart Design’ is a belter. The track’s energy fluctuates throughout. Beginning with a strong power-chord assault, before abruptly shifting to light, dreamy guitar licks, the only constant is Brendan Yates’ powerful and empathic vocals, and it’s excellent. – Sabiq Rafid

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Harry Styles

‘Late Night Talking’

“I’ll do everything I can / To help you through If you’re feeling down / I just wanna make you happier, baby / Wish I was around I just wanna make you happier, baby,” proclaims Harry Styles on his dazzling track, ‘Late Night Talking’. A bright and colourful melody floats through the tune while Styles’ distinctive vocals carry the bubbly anthem through to its end, leaving listeners yearning for more. – SR

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‘Gran Hotel’

‘Gran Hotel’ is a standout from Interpol’s seventh album ‘The Other Side Of Make-Believe’. The melancholic track’s lyrical themes centre around not being able to get someone out of your head, and it’s made known on the track’s outro as frontman Paul Banks repeats 10 times just so it sinks in: “I see you in everything, I see you in everything”.– SR

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On the B List:

Hot Chip


English synthpoppers Hot Chip have shared the latest preview of their upcoming eighth studio album ‘Freakout/Release’ with punchy, synthesiser-laden track ‘Eleanor’. In a statement, frontman Alexis Taylor shared that the track is “about the world smashing into you, waves crashing into you, all-encompassing pain, and how you have to walk through it”. – SR

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Katy J Pearson


Taken from Katy J Pearson’s stellar second album ‘Sound Of The Morning’, ‘Howl’ is a belter. The West Country star’s latest record was given a glowing four star review here at NME, expressing that “throughout ‘Sound of The Morning’, Pearson cuts down on the jangly arrangements and joyously plucked guitars of her previous release. Instead, she brings a sense of realism to the rose-tinted fantasy.” – SR

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Danger Mouse & Black Thought

‘Aquamarine’ feat. Michael Kiwanuka

Danger Mouse & Black Thought have teamed up with British singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka for their soulful new track, ‘Aquamarine’. Kiwanuka expressed in a statement that when he heard the track’s instrumentation, he “had a feeling to sing about standing up for something that’s unique and following that path.”  – SR

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The House Of Love


The House of Love are back with their first original material since 2013’s ‘She Paints Words in Red’. New single ‘Clouds’ will be part of their upcoming studio album ‘The State Of Grace’, and on it the famed alt-rockers let loose. – SR

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On the C List:

Young Fathers


Last week Scottish trio Young Fathers dropped ‘Geronimo’, their first release since 2018 album ‘Cocoa Sugar’. It’s an atmospheric, slow-burner that gradually builds to a loud and powerful climax. Starting low and slow, with only a kick drum and a spoken word introduction, it picks up mid-way through, as the instrumentation gets buzzier and whispers turn into screams, before quietly ebbing away again. – SR

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‘HERO JOURNEY’ feat. Superorganism

Japanese quartet CHAI have collaborated with London band Superorganism for their uplifting and energetic new single ‘Hero Journey’. The short-and-sweet track – with its vibrant synths and joyous vocals – is a dash of serotonin: the pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed. – SR

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Paris Texas

‘Cyanide’ feat Cryogeser

Los Angeles alt-hip-hop duo Paris Texas have teamed up with fellow LA native Cryogeyser on the excellent ‘Cyanide’. Embracing grunge-flecked sounds with its raucous guitars, it later switches things up to take on a slower sound with MIDI drums as it fades out. – SR

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Mogwai’s ‘Titles’ is taken from the soundtrack of the Apple TV+ series, Black Bird. It’s a sinister sounding track, with ominous pianos layered over a buzzing bassline, juxtaposed with melodious guitars that slowly build tension right until it’s unnerving end. – SR

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Lil Silva

‘To The Floor’ feat. BADBADNOTGOOD

Lil Silva’s collaborative track with the Canadian outfit BADBADNOTGOOD ‘To The Floor’ is taken from the former’s latest album, ‘Yesterday Is Heavy’. Put on your dancing shoes for this one – you’ll need them, with the tune’s groovy and slick bass lines that dominate, all topped off with an infectious backbeat that brings it all home. – SR

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