Trust Us: Don’t Sleep on These 7 Danish Beauty Brands

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Beauty is a never-ending journey of discovery and exploration—not only because we find out about new products or hacks from buzzy brands and influencers but also because we learn what it’s like for people who are millions of miles away. So many methods, ingredients, and traditions that originated from other countries, like Korea, for example, have gone from being a trend to the norm here in the West. This is why you shouldn’t sleep on Scandinavia, especially when it comes to Danish beauty. 

The Danes have a simple yet effective approach to their skincare routines that any beauty lover can appreciate. “Danish beauty is all about putting your time and energy into great skincare as opposed to makeup,” says Ole Henriksen, founder of his eponymous skincare brand. “As a matter of fact, Danish women are admired for wearing very little makeup. It’s all about that natural glow of healthy skin.”

Henriksen’s Danish heritage has informed his life’s work, especially when it comes to what he puts in his products. “An ingredient inspired by my Danish heritage that I’m fond of using in many formulations, like Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment, is Nordic birch sap,” he says. “As a child, my mother worked at the local pharmacy in my village, where she helped create ointments, one of them made with Nordic birch sap that she would apply to our skin during the cold winter months.”

If you can’t hop on a plane to Copenhagen, trying Danish beauty brands from the comfort of your home is the next best thing. Ahead, learn about seven incredible Danish skincare and makeup brands, and discover products to incorporate into your own routine.

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