TikTok’s Tayler Holder Reflects on Being “Cancelled” in Open Letter

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Tayler Holder came close to losing it all.
After chatter began to spread online earlier this year that allegations may soon surface against him, the TikTok star started losing prominent followers like Bryce Hall and Loren Grey. At the same time, he was dealing with a public breakup from DJ Charly Jordan.
While appearing on the Feb. 1 episode of Barstool Sports’ BFFs podcast, co-host Dave Portnoy flat out asked Tayler if he was expected to face sexual misconduct allegations. Taylor’s response, however, provided more questions than answers.  
“If it’s something to that extent and that serious, I’ve dealt with people that have went through stuff like that and it’s something that I don’t take lightly,” Tayler shared. “It’s something I don’t personally agree with. If it is something to that extent, I don’t know why everyone runs to the internet. I think that it should definitely be something that’s handled legally offline and very professionally.” As of today, no allegations have surfaced.
Now, as Tayler prepares for his return to music with the release of his single “Human” April 27, the content creator is sharing an open letter exclusively with E! News in which he addresses his split from Charly, the online harassment he faced and the lessons he learned after “being ‘cancelled’ for something I absolutely did not do.”

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