This Expensive-Looking Clog Is Only $40

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For the uninitiated, an under-$40 clog could be a gateway purchase, but it seems that even the most experienced clog collectors have found a place in their closets clog-sets for Target’s take on the luxury look. Of the Judith silhouette — an oxblood-toned ankle boot with a rubber-treaded sole — one reviewer writes: “I have legit Swedish clogs, expensive as all get out, yet I’ve been stopped by strangers and asked about these Target clogs more often. … I then find myself whispering (why whispering, I’m not sure) like it’s a top secret: I actually got them at Target.” According to the reviewer, (one of 38 who helped this style rack up a 4.7-star rating), the faux-leather exterior means that no tears need be shed if inclement weather comes calling. “Love these clogs for kicking around in life and not worrying about ruining them in salt, snow, mud, etc.” Something tells us that we’ve landed on another strong contender for the High End Vibes Award. “Doing a little dance of happiness,” added the reviewer of the shoe. “Great clog.”

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