This DIY Fabric Deodorizer is Simple to Make and Uses Household Ingredients

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No matter how often you clean and tidy up, odors seem to invariably creep inespecially if you have pets. The furniture will take on a little extra something-something, like the lingering scent of your dog well after she hopped off the couch. Shampooing the upholstery is effective but it’s a whole thing, and certainly not something you want to do on a weekly basis.

If any of this rings true for you, then you’ll want to hear about cleaning guru Vanessa Amaro‘s hot tip. In a recent Instagram Reel, Amaro demonstrates her homemade deodorizing spray which she likes to use on her couch. In a spray bottle (specifically this one), Amaro combines half a cup of water, a quarter cup of alcohol, and some fabric softener. She says in the video to use less softener for a lighter scent and more for a stronger scent. Then spray on your couch, take a whiff, and enjoy.

Laurel Randolph


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