The Spring-Summer Trends Of 2022: Experimental, Ethical And Everlasting Styles!

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cover3 The Spring-Summer Trends of 2022: Experimental, Ethical and Everlasting Styles!

Stay ahead to welcome the new year with a bling.

One cannot begin explaining the 2022 trends without mentioning the evident trend cycle, which has brought back the styles of two decades ago. Whether it is the designers pushing the trend to its edge or the fashion enthusiasts wanting to be different, the ‘it’ trends of the coming seasons bring forth the narrative of maximalism and bold experimentation. Here are the key takeaways to dig into your closet for your next summer vacation:

Platform Heels

Platforms were a major fashion cult favorite during the 2010s, and a similar form of heels are making a comeback in the coming spring-summer season. Most of these heels do have the basic structure of a block heel, but somewhere diminish the line to instead be called platforms. 

Versace, Miu Miu and Fendi were some of the luxury brands who brought the platforms back to the spotlight. Although these heels were nowhere near ready-to-wear for the general public, the trend is bound to trickle down for wider usage in the coming summers. 

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