The Public Calls For Justice For Chrystul Kizer Who Faces Life In Prison For Murdering The Man That Sex Trafficked Her

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Roommates, Chrystul Kizer was 17 years old when she shot and killed Randall Volar III in Kenosha, Wisconsin in June 2018, telling authorities she was tired of being sex trafficked and sexually abused by him. Kizer is currently out on bond and awaiting trial, but protestors are calling for her acquittal in the name of self-defense, just like Kyle Rittenhouse.

Chrystul Kizer was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, the same charge as Rittenhouse, and is facing life in prison after her legal team argued that she was defending herself against an abuser.

“We’ve seen that Rittenhouse can get away with premeditated murder,” Jess Sigh, a Kenosha resident and protestor, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Chrystul Kizer should be able to actually defend herself.”

Kizer traveled to Volar’s house in 2018 and shot him twice in the head. She then set the house on fire and drove away in his BMW.

Volar, who was 34 years old when he was killed, met Chrystul on Backpage when she was 16 years old. He was previously arrested on child sexual assault charges and had a history of abusing underage Black girls, The Washington Post reports.

While prosecutors admitted to Volar’s previous sexual assault record, they argue that Chrystul’s actions were premeditated. Chrystul’s lawyers, however, are invoking a self-defense argument that had never been used in a homicide case before that of Kyle Rittenhouse.

“The anger that hits all people, Black people, white people, that are concerned about the racism that this country faces, is like–it just stabs you in the chest time and time again,” Lorna Revere, a local protestor said.

A trial date has still not been set in Chrystul Kizer’s case.

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