The Historic Inspiration Behind the Costumes in ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’

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One of the joys of watching Downton Abbey has always been its meticulous approach to sartorial history, and the latest film, whose costumes were overseen by Anna Robbins, is no exception. In theaters May 20, Downton Abbey: A New Era takes place in 1928, a revolutionary moment for post-war fashion. “The new school has used all the practicability of the uniform-fashion days and does not in any sense emulate the ornamental and unwearable modes of the pre-uniform period,” British Vogue announced in its “Vogue’s Eye View Of The Mode” section in the May 1928 issue. “But, there is no longer a taboo on novelty and originality, on variety and individuality in fashion.” Ahead of the Crawleys’ return to screens, Robbins takes Vogue through the looks to keep an eye out for in A New Era.

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