The Best YEEZY BOOTS, Ranked

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Ye – the being formerly known as “Kanye West” – knows product. He’s proven so time and time again, with his latest “MasterClass” being delivered through adidas YEEZY, the partnership he entered on December 3rd, 2013. Over the last eight years, the DONDA-frontman has delivered footwear for the future, and while certainly occupied with looks, Ye has also injected form and function into his designs. No series better demonstrates his commitment to performance than YEEZY BOOTS.

Released sporadically and almost-exclusively during autumn and winter, Ye’s heavy-duty footwear has been reliable and stylish, though the latter quality is subjective. In honor of two recent entries into the YZY BT catalog, as well as another year of YEEZY winding down, here’s a definitive ranking of the best YEEZY BOOT models, from 2015 to present-day.

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