The Best Standing Desk Converters Will Save Your Twisted Back

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The Uplift standing desk comes in a ton of different color and wood configurations. It’s easy to adjust with the remote attached to its side, and will save up to four programmed heights. But what really stands out (nailed it!) is its stable design. The Uplift’s thick legs and crossbar will make sure it never tips over and falls.

The Best Standing Desk Converter for Laptops

Because human bodies and WFH setups are all unique snowflakes, the best laptop stands are adjustable, allowing you to lift or lower your screen to the perfect eye level for you. The Roost Laptop stand is light and portable, which makes it a great option for anyone interested in taking their ergonomic setup to-go in the future. But it also means that the stand plays nicely with our favorite tabletop sit-stand converters. If you wanted to put one of these on top of a converter, it wouldn’t add a ton of extra weight.

More Standing Desk Converters We Like

The PWR+ laptop stand has a unique design with a separate tray for an external mouse. That might make it slightly better ergonomically than the Roost stand, but it’s a bit dependent on your setup. You might be better off keeping your mouse on the surface of your desk next to your keyboard, while you use the stand to raise your screen.

Flexispot AlcoveRiser standing desk converter

Flexispot’s AlcoveRise two-tier design can quickly become a single-tier converter thanks to the easily removable keyboard tray. Its compact design is good for those tight on space, and its 28-inch option is good for folks 6’1″ and under, while the 31-inch converter is good for those who are 6’5″ and under. Easily adjust the converter with one hand and pack it somewhat flat for when it’s time to clock out.

Moft Z adjustable sit-stand desk

Like origami? The Moft Z is sort of like the art of paper folding, except this thing can support your laptop (or tablet). This Red Dot-winning product can be adjust for different angles and then folds flat for easy storage. If you’re worried the Moft Z won’t hold up against your heavy laptop, rest easy knowing it can support up to 18 pounds.

The Original DeskStand sit-stand desk

This rustic-looking sit-stand desk is barebones, and that’s probably for the best. The top shelf has space for a laptop or small monitor, and the hole on the bottom allows for ventilation. The bottom shelf has ample space for your keyboard, mouse, and other work necessities, including your phone, which can fit in the built-in groove. We like how the shelves can be adjusted individually instead of having to be stuck a certain distance apart.

Avantree Neetto height adjustable laptop bed table

The Neetto laptop stand is a bit harder to adjust than the other cheaper sit-stand solutions here—if you want to move up to standing, you have to take all your gear off of it. Otherwise, it’s a cheap solution that does what it set out to but nothing more.

VariDesk Pro Plus 30 height adjustable standing desk converter

This double-decker standing desk converter offers 11 height adjustments, generously sized work spaces, and durable construction. It arrives fully assembled, backed by a 30-day trial period and five-year warranty.  

VertDesk standing desk converter


Beyond the Office Door

The Vert Desk doesn’t clamp, but because it spreads its weight cleverly, across the bottom, it won’t feel like it’s going to topple over as you stretch it to full height. Its extra-large top workspace can accommodate a dual-monitor setup as long as both monitors don’t exceed 24 inches wide each, so it’ll comfortably fit a single monitor while providing ample space for other office knickknacks. The desk also has a separate adjustable keyboard and accessory tray placed lower than your monitor or laptop, though it’s significantly smaller than the top workspace. On the plus side, the keyboard tray can tilt. But the real killer app of the Vert Desk may be that the company ships the desk fully assembled.

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