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It’s been proven that certain beauty rituals can act as a mood booster when incorporated into your routine. Something as little as the right nail polish color can be a quick and relatively easy way to spark joy. One of the best beauty products to use as a pick-me-up? Fragrance.

Now, like any other beauty category, fragrances are in no way inherently seasonal. But sometimes, certain notes just stand out to you depending on the weather — think fruity notes in the summer, floral notes in the spring, and deeper, more heady notes in the winter. So as the fall season approaches once more, it’s time to consider expanding your fragrance wardrobe to include more smoky, woodsy scents. What better captures fall foliage and crispy holiday air than an oud fragrance?

Oud is a fragrance that is naturally produced from the tropical agar tree, which has to be infected by a certain mold to produce the resin needed to create the scent. While the authentic scent of oud is typically a deep woodsy fragrance, when combined with different notes it can add a smoky or even sweet note to a fragrance.

Oud is known to be a particularly polarizing scent, so it’s totally understandable if you’re looking for some direction in order to have a guided introduction to the category. Look no further, because we’ve gone ahead and gathered the best oud fragrances on the market. Whether you’re a big fan of the scent in all its edgy, slightly intimidating, glory or would prefer it as a base note to a lighter, more airy fragrance, take a look at the oud fragrances that are worth a spot on your vanity below.

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