The Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week: Mischa G, Torin Ashtun, and More

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If the recent surge in glow-get-’em looks didn’t tip you off, we have fully entered holiday season. The best beauty Instagrams of the week gifted us with a bevy of metallic shadows, cozy crimsons, and modern twists on party updos that are sure to inspire show-stopping looks for the fêtes to come.

Hairstylist Mischa G crafted a stunning, intricately knotted style on Vanessa Hong that was giving Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Frosty purple eyes and pink lips that would play nice both in space or under the mistletoe were the sweet cherry on top, courtesy of makeup artist Karina Milan. In a similar out of this world spirit, beauty influencer Yu Ling Wu took to Instagram to show off her atomic red space buns worn with metallic silver winged eyes and a matching French manicure. Take note: Her knitted-sleeves-and-metallic-bikini-top combo is the perfect way to show off some skin while staying toasty.

Makeup artist Priscilla Ono also got into the cheer with a shockingly vibrant shade of red lipstick that almost glowed through the screen along with shimmery fuchsia pigments pressed along the inner corners of the eyes. Meanwhile, model and painter Torin Ashtun decided to let her nails take center stage in a recent selfie showing off her lacquered crimson manicure. Scroll on to see more of the best beauty Instagrams that are ringing in the festive season right.

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