The Bear’s Ebon Moss-Bachrach Has Perfected Playing Dirtbags—Now, He’s a Dirtbag in Space

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Can you cook, by the way?

Yeah, I can cook. I love to cook.

What’s your go-to?

Oh, man. I really love to make ceviche. I really love ramps. I love ramp season. I brought back home this pozole from New Mexico that I got at the farmer’s market in Santa Fe, this really amazing dried blue corn. I had to boil it for four hours the other night, and I made a chicken stew with pozole and green chilies. I’d never done anything like that before, but that was really fun. That was the last thing I cooked.

Okay, so you can cook.

Yeah, I can really cook. When I’m not working, I’m not really doing anything, and I have a family. [Cooking] is a great thing to be able to do. It’s not something I always did. It’s something I probably started doing when I had kids, but it’s something that works very well with my life and my career.

Did you not have to do any of the culinary training some of the other actors did going into The Bear?

I did zero training. They actively kept me from doing anything, which was a relief. Their job was three times as hard as what I do. I had to keep track of where my cigarettes were, and I had to make sure I wasn’t yelling too loud that it was going to screw up the sound department. And that was it.

There’s this ongoing argument that Richie, not Carmy, is the true dirtbag king of the show. What do you make of that?

Oh, 100%. I don’t even see how that’s a controversy. Carmy’s got bespoke jeans. He’s got a lot of issues, and he definitely needs to sleep more, but I can’t even think how that’s even a close call.

Thinking back to your role on Girls, what do you think makes you particularly well-suited to playing the dirtbag?

The obvious answer is some ability to access dirtbagginess, but maybe it’s just a deep theatrical training that I have.

And now, in Andor, you’re playing a dirtbag in space.

Yeah, he is a dirtbag too, now that I’m thinking about it. Gosh. You’re giving me things to think about. He’s definitely dirty. I can say that much.

Tell us a bit more about your character, Skeen. He’s a member of some kind of underground group.

It’s a group of revolutionaries that’s trying to essentially pull off a huge heist from the Empire and take the quarterly wages for the entire Empire. And that nest egg spawned the beginnings of the revolution that would become what we see in A New Hope. So our storyline is really a very classic heist that always felt more like a Jean-Pierre Melville movie or Michael Mann’s Thief with the timing, and the practicalities of pulling this off, and infiltrating the garrison—more than the Force, or lightsabers, or any of that. We didn’t have any of that fun stuff.

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