The 21 Best British Fashion Brands, According to a British Editor

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When you think of Britain, your mind may land in one of two places: freshly brewed tea in china cups made for pinky-pointing, or Harry Potter. While we don’t disagree, Britain is so much more than high tea and fantasy fiction—take it from this UK editor (queue “God Save Our Queen”). We have art, culture, fish and chips, and most importantly, style, thanks to the British fashion brands at the forefront of the design world. 

Open your closet and we’re certain you’ll find one of these three items: an Oxford shirt, Chelsea boots, or a trench coat. All of which are the brainchildren of a British designer. Instead of waiting for the next trending piece to land stateside, it’s only right to lead you to the source.

From Burberry, which is responsible for staples like the gabardine trench coat, to Mulberry, which defined the aughts with its Alexa Chung-inspired It-bag, find the fashion houses (old and new) setting the style agenda while flying the British flag.

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