The 16 Best Facial Mists That Actually Work, No Gimmicks

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Back in the day (“the day” being when we all worked in offices), my friend and former coworker Julie once coined the term “Mist O’Clock” for that afternoon slump when we would turn to our face mists for a little refresh. We would set an alarm, and it helped give us that extra little boost of energy until the end of the work day. In the WFH era, Mist O’Clock is still very much part of my repertoire; so much so that I keep a face mist in every corner of my apartment. 

Best of all, there are face mists for every mood and every skin concern. For instance, many formulas are spiked with hydrating or anti-aging ingredients, and some have added SPF. Or, if you just want a gentle spritz of pure water, you have that option too. Below are 16 of the face mists I recommend for your daily Mist O’Clock.

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