The 10 Best Kohl Eyeliners 2022: Smoky Kohl Liners

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Black kohl eyeliner may be the reason for many of our teenage makeup faux pas, but today, it’s essential for a sultry, smoky eye. This long-loved product, made popular in ancient Egypt, delivers an extra-dark look reminiscent of charcoal. The only difference between the liners used then and now is the formulas.

Today’s kohl eyeliners mimic the smoldering color of coal and feature formulas that glide on easily and don’t budge once set. Many even offer nourishing ingredients that treat the delicate skin around the eye area. Whether you’re after a full-on smoky look or want to add subtle definition, these 13 kohl liners will help you achieve the smudgy, smoky eye you’re after. Read on to discover our favorites.

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