Suspect Who Shot At Least 10 People At Brooklyn Subway Station Is Still On The Loose As Police Investigate Incident

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Details about Tuesday’s subway shooting in New York are beginning to trickle out to the public. Police say a man wearing a gas mask openly fired shots during rush hour at a Brooklyn subway station. The man began shooting after opening a canister which deployed smoke.

At this time, the shooter has not been identified nor captured by local police, but a search is underway. Latest reports say the shooter’s bullets wounded at least 10 people in the early morning incident. Five of the ten people are in “stable, but critical condition,” per fire department officials. Another 29 people were reportedly treated at local hospitals for related, but non life-threatening injuries.

Police Give Shooting Details

New York City Police Department Commissioner Keechant Sewell described the at-large suspect as a Black man with a heavy build. The suspect reportedly wore a “green construction-type vest with a hooded gray sweatshirt.”

While the shooter avoided police capture, he did leave traces of his presence behind. CNN reports that police recovered a gun at the crime scene, along with “multiple high capacity magazines.” Two law enforcement officials floated theories of a jammed gun to CNN. Apparently, the shooter was inside of a subway car and only began shooting as it pulled up to the station at 36th Street in Sunset Park.

So far, commissioner Sewell has not named the accident an act of terrorism. But, the department is not closed off to the possibility. There’s just not enough to determine a motive at this point in their investigation.

President Biden Issues Statement On Shooting

Late Tuesday afternoon, President Biden issued a statement on the shooting during the opening of a speech in Iowa, per CNN. The president confirmed that he’s in touch with New York City officials including Mayor Eric Adams and commissioner Sewell. On the ground in NYC, local police has teamed up with the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate the case and arrest the suspect.

“We’re gonna continue to stay in close contact with New York authorities as we learn more about the situation over the coming hours and days. And something could have broken between now and the last hour — I haven’t heard the news, I haven’t spoken with anyone on my staff, but we’re not letting up on it until we find out, and we find the perpetrator,” he added.

This is a developing story.

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