Steve Aoki Will Take to the Metaverse Jungle to Headline Monkey Kingdom NFT Event –

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Only Steve Aoki has the energy to stir a band of raving apes into a frenzy, and with his new partnership alongside the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection, that’s precisely what he’s going to do.

Aoki has been slated to headline the Monkey Kingdom Christmas Party, which will take place in the Cryptovoxels digital metaverse.

Aoki has become one of the foremost purveyors of NFTs in the electronic dance music landscape. He’s also a known fan of ape-themed projects specifically, given that he possesses an astounding seven collectibles from the famed Bored Ape Yacht Club. For obvious reasons, Monkey Kingdom has been compared to the iconic BAYC series, and just last month the collection went live with the launch of 2,222 monkey avatars.

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