Small Dish Rack – OSTBIT Surprising Use, IKEA

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Living in a small space means sometimes you have to think outside the box and be creative with your styling and storage solutions. For example, instead of placing your washer and dryer side-by-side, lots of people choose stackable units that make use of vertical space. Maybe you put your TV in the closet, instead of letting it take up room on a floor. Like any other spot in a house, small kitchens come with their own set of challenges and, of course, IKEA has a solution, and yes, it’s inexpensive to boot.

Jonathan Martin lives in a 450-squre-feet ADU (also known as an in-law suite), so he knows all about making things shake in a small space. “It’s just the one room, and has everything I need,” he says. The layout accommodates a bedroom nook, a desk, a sofa, and a small kitchenette, so you know he had to get particularly creative with his cook space. While the kitchenette has a refrigerator, sink, and upper cabinets, it doesn’t have much counter space to speak of for things like meal prep or dish drying, and that’s where IKEA has come to the rescue.

Specifically, instead of crowding the countertop with a huge dish rack, Martin opted for this bamboo plate holder from IKEA, and it’s the perfect size for this area. The plate holder is 11 inches long, five inches wide, and holds up to six plates at a time, taking up very little real estate on any surface you place it. Being that it only costs $2.99, this might actually be the cheapest storage solution I’ve ever seen from IKEA. Of course, you could also place a couple side-by-side — or in a line — if you need to eke out a little more drying room.

Because the plain wooden design is simple and sleek, you could even place one of these racks inside a cabinet to display decorative plates (or everyday plates, long after they’ve dried). One IKEA shopper tried one for purely utilitarian, inner-cabinet storage, too: “I use this as my pots and pan lid holder, and it works fabulously!” Another reviewer simply calls it “inexpensive and useful.” If you’re looking for an affordable solution to your small kitchen storage woes, I think I’ve found it, and it’s at IKEA.

Savannah West

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