Skullcrusher Announces Debut Album ‘Quiet the Room’, Releases New Song

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Helen Ballentine has announced her debut album as Skullcrusher: Quiet the Room arrives October 14 via Secretly Canadian. Lead single ‘Whatever Fits Together’ is accompanied by a video by Silken Weinberg. Check it out and find the album artwork and tracklist below.

“I wrote ‘Whatever Fits Together’ while reflecting on my past and wondering how I might begin to explain it to someone,” Ballentine explained in a statement. “I viewed my younger self through a wash of emotions: anger, sadness, pity, confusion, all reaching for a kind of compassion. I tried to capture the contradictions that comprise my past and define who I am now. As I looked back, I saw my life in pieces: some moments blacked out, some extremely vivid, some leading nowhere. Through the song I attempt to piece it together in some non-linear form and accept my disparate story.”

Quiet the Room will follow 2020’s Skullcrusher EP and 2021’s Storm in Summer EP.

Quiet the Room Cover Artwork:

Quiet the Room Tracklist:

1. They Quiet the Room
2. Building a Swing
3. Whatever Fits Together
4. Whistle of the Dead
5. Lullaby in February
6. Pass Through Me
7. Could It Be the Way I Look at Everything?
8. Outside, Playing
9. It’s Like a Secret
10. Sticker
11. Window Somewhere
12. (Secret Instrumental)
13. Quiet the Room
14. You are My House

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