Should K-Pop-Rock Star Woosung Try Doing Comedy? — Woosung ‘Secret Talent Test’ Cosmo

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Woosung is one talented guy. The view counts on all his music videos can back it up. But hey, it never hurts to explore new talents. This is why we had the K-Pop star stop by the Secret Talent Test to show off more of his non-musical talents. You know, like trying to sew a button.

Gotta say, I loved the balance in this ep. For every skill Woosung couldn’t do, he was able to whip out different secret talents to make up for it. For example, we quickly determined he can’t wiggle the brows, but orange peeling was more his forte. Sure, Woosung can’t touch his tongue to his nose, but he CAN unwrap a Starburst hands-free. That’s like another level above tying a cherry stem in my book.

Also, watch to see how Woosung’s comedy career is def loading. Because all professional comedians Google “easy jokes to remember” before their sets. Duh.

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