Shop Our Editor’s 33 Picks From Shopbop RIght Now

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It’s true! A quick email search revealed that my first Shopbop purchase was way back in 2013, but, honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t longer ago because I truly cannot imagine my life before it. I won’t even tell you how many order confirmations I found (mostly because I’m too afraid to count myself) but let’s just say it was a lot, which should tell you how well-versed I am not just in online shopping, but in doing so on Shopbop specifically. 

Should it really come as a surprise though? One quick peruse through the site and you can’t not fall in love with the huge brand selection (which spans high to low), range of pieces from basics to party-dressing items, and excellent user experience—you know, the more filters the better. Of course, if you don’t have time to scan through all of the above, that’s where I’ve got you covered. Ahead, I’m rounding up my Shopbop must-haves of the moment including everything from the jeans I’m coveting to the statement accessories I can’t take my eyes off. To get started shopping all my selects, simply keep scrolling. 

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