Seth Rogen Is Not Happy His Mom Keeps Talking About Sex On Twitter

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Seth Rogen’s mom, Sandy Rogen, is talking about sex on Twitter again — much to the dismay of her famous and very embarrassed son.

The “Pam & Tommy” actor and executive producer responded to a cheeky tweet his mom posted on Twitter on Thursday that referenced her sex life, which is apparently going great.

“You know how when you give blood you get a little badge that says, ‘I gave blood today,’ well there should be one that says ‘I had great sex today.’ Ha ha ha …” Sandy Rogen tweeted.

Seth Rogen was not pleased to read about his mom’s sex life, or that she was able to publicly share her business on Twitter.

“Burn this app to the ground,” he responded.

Unfortunately for the “Knocked Up” actor, this was not the first time Sandy Rogen has shared details about her intimate moments with her husband, and Seth Rogen’s father, Mark Rogen.

In 2019, she shared an interesting theory involving germs, her husband and sex.

“Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex don’t have germs,” she tweeted at the time.

Sandy Rogen shared more details about her sex life in 2017, writing, “Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!”

“Jesus fucking Christ mom,” the actor tweeted in response at the time.

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