Seed + Mill Roasted Garlic Tahini Review

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Here at Kitchn, we’re nothing short of condiment fiends. We’re always on the lookout for new pantry staples to instantly liven up a meal, whether it’s truffled-infused mayo to slather on sandwiches or tangy hot honey that turns ice cream into the main event. One condiment in particular that we’ve tried several different brands of is tahini, the creamy Middle Eastern sesame seed paste that just about every Kitchn editor has at least one jar of in their kitchen. While there are several types of tahini we love — especially this dark-chocolate version to drizzle on fruit and toast — one brand we adore is New York City-based Seed + Mill. Coming in large 14-ounce jars, this luxuriously smooth tahini now comes in a delicious new flavor — and we got to try it out!

The new Seed + Mill Roasted Garlic Tahini is the latest iteration of their versatile staple. It features the same premium creamy tahini we love, with the savory addition of roasted garlic. You’ll want to spread it on toast, drizzle over veggies, add to dressings, and whatever else you can think of with this tasty tahini.

Seed + Mill is a favorite around here because of their extremely smooth, rich tahini that hardly requires a stir each time you open the jar. They use Ethiopian sesame to make their premium tahini, which is the only ingredient in their original Organic Tahini (and one of only two ingredients in the roasted garlic flavor!). It’s incredibly versatile, perfect for mixing in dips or smoothies as well as cookies and brownies for a nutty flavor. I can store their tahini in my fridge after opening for weeks without any separation or dryness. Each time I twist open the top, it’s like I just opened it for the first time!

Now that I have this Roasted Garlic Tahini in addition to the original, I tend to use it for savory meals and save the plain flavor for baking and sweet treats. I love that the garlic flavor doesn’t overpower the natural nuttiness of the tahini, but instead adds a rich tone with a touch of sweetness of caramelized garlic. 

Lately, I’ve been drizzling this on quick grain bowls and salads I make for lunch, with the garlic tahini taking the role of a creamy sauce or dressing that’s instantly ready. I love not having to whip together a topping yet being able to bring all my ingredients together just by pouring the tahini on top. And, it’s even especially delicious spread on top of avocado toast. It’s just such a simple way to upgrade almost everything I eat, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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