Score a Rare Discount on GQ’s Best Stuff Box in Celebration of the New Year

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Let’s dispense with the false humility here: our Best Stuff Box—a hand-picked assortment of menswear essentials, top-tier grooming products, useful gear, and more—is a pretty unbeatable proposition. $50 for a package stuffed to the brim with editor-endorsed goodies, delivered to your door precisely when you need ‘em most? The “Best” isn’t hyperbole. 

The latest version, for example, features nearly a dozen winter-ready essentials, including an impossibly-cozy alpaca beanie, a moisturizing face mask, a cult-loved beard oil, and a ritzy scented candle to help make the most out of your prolonged stay at home. (Probably wise to avoid asking what type of dark wizardry allows us to pass on savings this miraculous to you, but suffice to say a proprietary mix of sweet-talking, glad-handing, and the occasional thinly-veiled threats is involved.) 

So we don’t make the decision to discount it lightly. Which is also why we don’t do it often…except for right now. Because if your New Year’s resolutions involved saving more money, or revamping your wardrobe, or overhauling your grooming routine—or some hitherto vexing combination of the three—we want to be there for you in the way we know how: with a hefty discount on the only subscription service that’ll help you land the trifecta. Now through the end of the month, we’re offering 20% off annual subscriptions, or four boxes (each worth well over 50 bucks) for only $160. *Shouts into megaphone* That’s four boxes (each worth well over 50 bucks) for only $160!

Sign up today using code “BESTYEAR” to snag a year’s worth of boxes at a rare discount, or come February 1st you’ll be plumb out of luck—though, like we said, subscribing at full price is still a wild deal. 

The Winter 2021 Best Stuff Box

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