SAG Awards 2022: Hoyeon Jung’s Hair Ribbon Has a Deeper Meaning

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The most beautiful detail, however, lay not within the gown itself, but the matching hair detail that adorned Jung’s sleek ponytail. It turned out the styling addition was in fact inspired by the traditional daenggi hair ribbon, an accessory that has been used to decorate braided hair in Korea for centuries. To honor Jung’s cultural background, Ghesquière whizzed up the piece from the same fabric as the dress. 

“It was a very special 2022 SAG Awards day to have been a part of,” said hairstylist Jenny Cho, who used products from Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris to conjure up Jung’s distinctive look. “I can’t hide the fact that I was very emotional to be the one to style her hair into a modern version of the sleek traditional Korean braids and to put the daenggi into Hoyeon’s hair. It was sincerely one of the most special glam moments to remember.” 

If anyone knows how to combine classic Hollywood glamour with a meaningful nod to her Korean heritage, it’s Hoyeon Jung—and tonight, she did just that.

Photo: Getty Images

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