Rico Nasty Thanks JT For Supporting Her Online

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You never know what’s going to happen at concerts nowadays. While most attendees expect a night of fun, recently things got disrespectful at the Playboi Carti concert yesterday when an attendee threw a bottle at Rico Nasty. She got more than she bargained for while on stage performing in Portland, OR. In a video that went viral online, it showed Rico wasn’t having it as she tried to figure out who was responsible for the unjust actions. “Come get this ni**a. Who? Who, bi***? Who the f**k was it,” Rico snapped as people started to point at someone in the crowd.

The ‘Smack a bi**h’ rapper continued questioning the identity of the suspect saying,” Be specific, don’t fu***ng play. Who was it? Who the f**k was it? Where they go?“ Her questions weren’t getting answered quickly enough because she hopped in the crowd looking for the culprit. Although Rico was unsuccessful in finding who threw the bottle, she wasn’t the only one who was upset about the incident. JT also spoke out about the disrespect on Twitter, saying that the s**T was not cool or funny.

The Roommates commended JT for being supportive, as well as Rico. The MD native responded hours later to JT, tweeting, “JT, I love you.”  It seems like everyone had something to say about the incident except Playboi Carti.

The rapper hasn’t shared anything on Instagram. His last post was made on September 12th, with him wearing an all-black ensemble, that received over 88,000 comments. Roomies, do you think Carti should’ve spoken out?

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