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Even when the best methods and techniques are used during breast augmentation, changes can occur over time that would warrant a breast revision surgery. For example, pregnancy, aging, and implant displacement can change the breasts’ appearance. A revision procedure can help correct changes and restore the breasts to their desired state.

When you visit a revision surgeon, it’s crucial to be completely honest with them about your issues so they can determine the best approach. Also, if you’re pregnant or undergoing weight loss, they may suggest completing your journey before going under the knife.

Here are explicit reasons why a breast revision surgery may be necessary:

1. Deflated implants

It’s not impossible for breast implants to deflate over time. It may be due to a rupture or leak, and the breasts can sag due to the lost volume. It often happens in one breast, leading to lopsidedness which is unattractive.

When that happens, a revision procedure is the right way to go. Your surgeon can replace the deflated implant with a new one or a different type. This even gives you the opportunity to change your options, especially when your preference has changed over time. Since many implants come with a lifetime guarantee, you may not have to pay to replace a deflated one.

2. You’re unsatisfied with your results

Some patients can find their breast augmentation results less than they imagined. For others, their preferences just change over time.

While you may desire large busts today, you may want something more modest later. Or else, you may later desire a bigger size. A revision surgeon can help you acquire your desired breast appearance when that happens. Patients have leveraged breast revision by Dr. Hutchinson to address complications as well as changes in their preferences.

3. The implant’s positioning alters

A breast implant can change position when the pocket holding it is too large, giving it enough space to shift out of place. This may occur when the augmentation wasn’t expertly done, or they made mistakes in sizing the pockets. A breast revision surgery can correct implant malposition by altering the size of the pockets.

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4. Natural change in breast shape

Age, childbirth, and weight loss/gain naturally impact the nature appearance of the breast. A woman’s breasts may sag more with age or after giving birth. Although you can’t help it, you may decide to see your surgeon for a revision to restore the desired shape of your bust.

5. Insufficient coverage around implants

When the tissue covering an implant is minimal, ripples may appear around that breast. A breast revision surgeon can easily correct this problem by adding more tissue through fat grafting or shifting the implant partially below the tissue.

6. Symmastia

Symmastia is a condition where the two breasts seem to meet at the middle of your chest to become one. It may occur because the pockets holding the implants are overly large, allowing them to shift.


Some people go for breast revision surgery because the augmentation was done poorly the first time. But in most cases, as we have discussed, time and natural circumstances may necessitate a revision procedure. Whatever the case, ensuring you work with an experienced and board-certified surgeon is pivotal to your outcomes.

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