Pros and cons of weighing yourself daily

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Leads to fixation and frustration. Weighing yourself regularly could turn into a fixation, especially for those with a tendency toward disordered eating. “You might step on the scale, see the number go up and all of a sudden do something to compensate for that,” Frayn said. “Maybe you set your calorie goal lower for the day, or maybe you engage in a compensatory behavior like purging or laxative use.” That kind of knee-jerk reaction could turn into an unhealthy cycle, she explained: “You felt anxiety because the number went up, so you did a thing to make the anxiety go down — and now you’ve learned that the next time you see the number go up on the scale, all you have to do is that thing, and you’re going to feel better.” Soon, you settle into a pattern of adjusting your behavior in response to the scale, rather than focusing on a long-term plan to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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