Pretty in Pastel – 11 Soft Hued Pipes

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CANNABIS CULTURE HEADQUARTERS – Add a calming vibe to your smoke session with these beautiful pastel pipes!

Note: This article contains links to our store site – links will open in a separate window. This list was curated in-house and reflects the authentic views of the writer. Read the full list to find out how to get these products at a discounted price.


  1. Solid Color 4.5” Spoor Pipe with Built in Ash Catcher

Simple and soft colored…this beautiful pipe includes a built in ash catcher!

  1. Lit Silicone Ice Cream Pipe with Glass Bowl

What a sweet pipe! Strawberry, Pistachio & Vanilla – three beautiful flavors/shades for you to bring this silicone pipe to the sesh!

  1. Commodore Hand Pipe by Red Eye Glass

This classic hand pipe has a subtle detail added to the design. Simple, fun and soft colored.

Find a new comrade in the Commodore Pipe. Featuring complimentary color accents, these pastel pipes would look great in any collection! 

  1. Rose Crystal Gemstone Pipe

One of nature’s more beautiful pastels! This special gemstone pipe is made from real Rose Crystal!

Tune up your vibrations while smoking down.

  1. Peach Hand Pipe

Moving to the country…gonna smoke a lot of peaches? This pretty pastel pipe is shaped like a sweet fruit and available in a peach and soft pink tone.

  1. Colored Taster Bat One Hitter

If you’re looking for a convenient and discreet one hitter –  this is the pipe for you! 

It has a beautiful design that will allow the smoke to cool more than the average one hitter – great piece, four great colours!

  1. Donut Silicone Hand Pipe

Donut try to tell me this pipe is anything but sweet! Since it’s made of durable silicone and includes a keychain ring – this pipe is perfect for on-the-go tokes.

Nothing goes with a wake’n’bake better than a donut!

  1. Sherlock Hand Pipe With Ash Catcher Mouthpiece

Smoke like Sherlock – but softer.

This traditional shaped pipe comes in four soft-tones that are anything but traditional!

  1. Opal Pink Gandalf Pipe

Long pipes allow more time for the smoke to cool before inhalation – which is why so many people love our Gandalf pipes! This style comes in a variety of lengths. 

Be sure to check out to see this pipe in green, purple and more!

  1. Red Eye Glass Spoon Pipe

Another well-designed, classic pipe! Available in beautiful pink and purple tones that catch the light enchantingly.

  1. Periwinkle Gandalf Pipe

We had to include another one of these awesome Gandalf pipe – because look at that stunning shade!

Periwinkle is just one more of the many colours this beautiful pipe is available in.

Soft purples, mint greens, pretty pinks and more – find pipes, bongs, vapes and more in every color on our website at 


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