Pete Davidson’s True Story About Pot Bust Is So Good Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Believe It

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Pete Davidson told a true story on “The Tonight Show” Thursday about getting busted the first time he ever smoked a joint ― but neither host Jimmy Fallon nor fellow guest Miley Cyrus believed it. (Watch the video below.)

The three were playing “True Confessions,” in which everyone takes a turn deciding if a player’s revelation is true.

Fallon and Cyrus agreed Davidson was lying, with Cyrus reasoning that the “Saturday Night Live” comedian included too many details.

But it was real. Davidson then elaborated on his nutty encounter with the cops.

He and a pal cut school and went to a Staten Island train station, where they rolled a joint and smoked it, he recalled. Two cops spotted them and tackled Davidson’s friend, who ran for it.

“I just stand there and they’re like, ‘Go against the car!’” Davidson said. “And I’m like, ‘You know what, guys, you did your job. I got busted with the weed. I’m not gonna try to run from this. I skipped school. I was a bad boy today.’”

According to the “The King of Staten Island” star, the officers wrote down the teens’ info and one told Davidson: “All right, you can go back to class because you’re a standup guy. As for your friend, right to the slammer!”

The moral for all the kids out there, joked Davidson, is “always succumb.”

And below, check out Cyrus, who’s hosting a New Year’s Eve special with Davidson, singing “It Should Have Been Me.”

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