Parichute Is Now Using NFTs to Incentivize Donations in Latest Campaign

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Parichute, a fundraising startup based in Connecticut, has launched an NFT campaign to incentivize donors by rewarding them for making the world a better place.

The campaign will see the top 250 donors who pledge $100 or more with an exclusive Parichute Launch Day Gold VIP NFT and the first 750 donors to pledge between $40 and $99 with a Parichute Launch Day Silver VIP NFT. In addition to being a representation of their philanthropic commitment, these NFTs will provide their owners with 3 months of free VIP access (1 in the case of the silver version), as well as access to exclusive prices, additional NFT airdrops, and access to in-person events.

Parichute has developed a mobile platform that will connect celebrities, non-profit organizations, and fans around meaningful causes, all while allowing them to support them in an easier manner. The platform is intended to bring the donating process to the 21st century by facilitating it and allowing people around the world to connect and support each other. Alex Crognale, Co-Founder of Parichute and player for the Birmingham Legion, referred to this mission by stating:

“With everything happening in the world right now, I wanted to help but didn’t know where to begin. I experienced firsthand the difficulty in navigating the philanthropic space. We built Parichute to be the solution for celebrities who want to make a difference. Our mission is to help people help the world, one project at a time.”

Founded by Kyle Marie Dawson, Alex Crognale, and Zack Steffen, Parichute differs from similar projects by focusing on providing celebrities, influencers, and other personalities with a platform to channel their efforts into becoming champions for their communities. For this purpose, those who choose to become VIP members of the community will gain access to exclusive celebrity content and special giveaways.

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