Old Navy Secretly Makes The Best Workout Clothes

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I got into exercising a few years ago after a lifelong commitment to doing as little as possible (aging out of my 20s played a huge factor). And, as it turns out, I’ve come to really enjoy working out for mind-body satiety. That said, back when I budgeted my lifestyle to join a gym for the first time, I couldn’t really afford many things let alone “nice” activewear. To be honest, I still can’t bring myself to drop $100 on a pair of premium leggings that’s essentially just a crotch-area sweat absorber.) So, like I’ve done many times when I needed affordable clothes, I turned to Old Navy. The retailer just so happens to be a secret treasure trove of compressive leggings and sports bras that are super cute, colorful, and totally delivers on keeping me supported during high-impact classes (I say this as a Zumba gal).

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