Nicky Romero Shows Off New Sonic Style with Perception EP

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Nicky Romero is back with a new EP, Perception, that sees the Dutch producer/DJ go back to his roots by taking on a more house-driven sound. The EP features two new tracks, “Hear Me Now” and “Work My Body”, as well as two previously released singles, “Pressure” and “Lose My Mind” which both featured prominently in Nicky’s Ultra Miami set this year.

Both new tracks vibe perfectly with the previously released ones. “Hear Me Now” could easily be a track under Nicky’s Monocule alias with soulful vocals over low-end synths and a nasty tech-house drop. “Work My Body” sees Nick sort of blending his more tech-house sound with almost a Future Rave vibe.

It’s been great to see veteran producers explore new (or in this case, older) sounds and incorporate them into their sets and libraries. Nicky Romero is no exception. Here’s what he had to say about Perception

“Over the past years, I’ve been producing different kinds of genres within dance music. At the beginning of 2022, I went back to my roots and started to try out producing more groovy and house-y tracks. When I could play Ultra Music Festival again this year as the first major festival after two years, I wanted to drop ‘Pressure,’ ‘Lose My Mind,’ and ‘Work My Body’ to see the main stage crowd’s reaction. The reception of these three tracks was truly amazing, so I couldn’t wait to go back to the studio to work on more music, and this is when I produced ‘Hear Me Now,’ which perfectly concludes the ‘Perception’ EP”

Check out the latest from Nicky Romero, Perception, out now on Protocol.

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