Nicky Romero Drops Radio-Friendly New Single “Why Do I Call”

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Nicky Romero returns to Virgin/Universal with another addictive, pop-leaning track, “Why Do I Call.” After previously releasing “Nights Like This” on the label, the Dutch super-producer returns with another melodic track that features his tinges of progressive house. The song is about someone chasing a lost love, even if his methods might be slightly toxic. Come on dude, I don’t want anyone calling me at five in the morning.

The track opens up with the soaring vocal playing over some violins and pianos. The verse plays out over some finger snaps, and you can feel the pain in the vocals, despite the upbeat tone. The verse eventually leads into the chorus where we get a mix of progressive house violins and melody layered over a bubbling bassline. It’s like an emo song, so sad, yet so danceable too.

Check out the latest from Nicky Romero, “Why Do I Call” out now on Universal.

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